The company for the purchase, processing and storage of fruit and drying plums


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Fresh fruit

Apple, strawberry, cherry...

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Frozen fruit

Apple, strawberry, cherry...

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Dry fruit

Dry plum...



About us

STPR "AGRO-BIS" was founded in 2004. as a family business,. The founders of the company are Marina and Srecko Jovanovic. Initially the company dealt with trade, purchase and dried fruit. From 2012 god. company is engaged in freezing and processing of organic fruit as subcontracted units. The farmers in this region have a long tradition of producing organically grown fruit. We operate in a region that has been certified organic for many years, at an altitude of 500- 1300 m. on the slopes of Mount Kopaonik from Kursumlija and Blace...




Agrobis - Barbatovac

Barbatovac bb, Barbatovac, Blace

+381 27 81 00 251

+381 66 378 251